2002 April

Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine: Apr, 2002
Issue No. Volume 9, Number 2
  Original Articles
1. The use of injectable nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in local accident & emergency practice (10 downloads)
2. Audit on treatment and recovery of ankle sprain (9 downloads)
  by WY LEE
3. Study on the discrepancies between the admitting diagnoses from the emergency department and the discharge diagnoses (9 downloads)
  by GH Lim, E Seow, G Koh, D Tan, HP Wong
1. A review article on nerve agents (14 downloads)
  by SYH Tang and JTS Chan
2. Prehospital response to Hazmat incidents (10 downloads)
  by RSD Yeung, JTS Chan, ST Ho
  Case Report
1. Beware of the migrating chest pain and widened mediastinum: case series on aortic dissection (11 downloads)
  by CH Chung and KK Lai
2. Cognitive decline in an elderly man (16 downloads)
  by ACF Hui and SW Chan
3. A case of convulsion: Brugada syndrome (13 downloads)
  by CK Shum, ML Tse, FL Lau, WK Chan
4. Efforts to help develop emergency medicine in rural Sichuan: a brief report (11 downloads)
  by SSW Chan
  Special Features Articles
1. Letter to the editor-1 (9 downloads)
  by ST Tan, CT Hung, A Lai, JC Chuah
2. Letter to the editor-2 (9 downloads)
  by SSW Chan