2005 January

Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine: Jan, 2005
Issue No. Volume 12, Number 1
Meeting the challenges of rising patient expectations: the 10 'C's for emergency physicians (18 downloads)
  Original Articles
1. A retrospective study of seclusion in an emergency department (20 downloads)
  by CC Chan and CH Chung
2. Go-kart related injuries: a local scene (104 downloads)
  by CP Ng and CH Chung
3. The effect of wearing a face mask on body temperature (15 downloads)
  by WL Yip, WP Leung, PF Lau and HK Tong
  Case Report
1. A case of persistent and recurrent ventricular fibrillation with successful resuscitation and good neurological outcome (14 downloads)
  by CH Chung
2. Sweat and blood – runner's haematuria: discharge or further evaluate? (13 downloads)
  by JYS Sia and YT Wong
3. Differential diagnosis of acute calf pain and swelling with emergency ultrasound (13 downloads)
  by KL Chung, KY Cheung and CW Kam
4. Trans-abdominal ultrasound-guided suprapubic puncture of a non-deflating Foley catheter balloon (26 downloads)
  by WMM Lee, KL Tsui and CW Kam
5. Pneumoperitoneum on supine abdominal X-ray: case report and review of the radiological signs (44 downloads)
  by HS Chiu and CH Chung
  Special Features Articles
1. Going to the multidisciplinary case conference for child abuse: a review and guide to the medical Practitioner (17 downloads)
  by ACW Lee, CH Li and KT So
1. CT quiz: a man with headache and dizziness (22 downloads)
  by MCK Wong and CH Chung